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 Information on Illya

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PostSubject: Information on Illya   Mon May 20, 2013 2:59 am

In Illya, mages are commonplace, but feared for their power. Because of this fear, they are forced to attend 'schools' where they are trained to use their powers and taught to obey the laws placed over them. If they violate these laws, the sentence is death.

The largest of these schools is in the North of Illya, secluded from non-mages.

After a period of time, mages will be chosen by a familiar, when this happens, mages are taken from the school in the night and trained by "The Council" to undertake the ritual. After this ritual, they are returned to the school. Many mages with familiars will choose a second class of magic to study.

Familiars are magical animals that, when they have chosen a mage, will be given some of the mages blood, binding them forever. The familiar can be summoned by the mage at will, and some mages can transform into their familiar.

A mage and his or her familiar share a mental link, allowing them to see through each others eyes. However, they must be in close proximity to speak and the death of a mage will kill the familiar.

The death of a familiar will cause the mage to lose the majority of their powers and will cause severe trauma.


The country of Illya, ruled by King Loghain from the White City, is filled with magic users, causing even the most ambitious armies to avoid a war, leading to centuries of peace for the country.

The Council

An elusive group who govern all magic users in Illya, they are above the law and serve the King. They are the enforcers of the laws of magic, sending their Knights to eliminate rogue mages.

The White Flame

Mage-hunters controlled by The Council, they will follow their orders to the death, and many are magic-resistant.

Mage Laws

1) All mages will attend a college.
2) Mages will not leave their college unless permission is given from the First Mage.
3) Mages will avoid using magic outside of college grounds.
4) Mages will not disobey their king, The White Flame Order or The Council.
5) Mages will not attempt summoning alone.
6) Mages must not consort with spirits.

The punishment for breaking these rules will range from imprisonment to death.


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PostSubject: Re: Information on Illya   Mon May 20, 2013 3:03 am

Map of Illya:

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PostSubject: Re: Information on Illya   Mon May 20, 2013 8:00 pm

Creatures of Illya

Common creatures - Common creatures can be found all over Illya.

Common Birds (Hawks, Eagles, Crows, Magpies, etc.)
Other "normal" animals.

Rare Creatures - Rare Creatures are not seen often in Illya.

Phoenix - An extremely rare animal that often roosts south of the black marsh in the desert, none have been seen in decades.

Gryphon - A rare creature that is said to live in the mountains east of Illya.

Unicorns - A rare creature that lives deep inside The Great Forest. There are some claimed sightings, but none confirmed.

Undead Creatures - The Undead roam the Black Marsh and the ruins of Grandomina, almost always summoned by a Necromancer.

Undead Animals

Liches - Created when a powerful Necromancer dies and reanimates themselves. They are more powerful than they were in life.

Ghosts** - Ghosts are victims of murder. They return if their killer escaped punishment. They cannot interact with the physical world.

Wraiths** - Ghosts that become jealous and angry at the living. They can interact with the physical world and are capable of draining a humans life.

Revenant - A large undead creature composed of multiple corpses.

Ghouls* - Created when a demon possesses a corpse or when a human is infected by a vampire. They are driven only by bloodlust and are very difficult to kill.

Vampires* - Vampires are extremely rare; a combination of them keeping their bloodlines pure and hunting. They are very strong and usually skilled with magic.

*Not raised by Necromancers
*Can be raised by Necromancers, but less commonly than the method stated.

Demons - Malevolent spirits that will attempt to posses humans, corpses and some creatures. They are often very powerful. Summoners can conjure them, but are at risk of death or possession.

This occurs when a demon is summoned by a mage who is not strong enough to bind it. The mage will either be killed if they are too weak for the demon, or possessed.
If the demon chooses to kill the mage, they will seek out another host.

Possessed Creatures

Hellhounds - Created when a demon posses a wolf or a dog. They either have red, black or a combination of both coloured fur, are extremely fast, and have razor sharp claws and teeth.

Hellcats - Created when a demon posses a cat. They are very similar to Hellhounds.


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PostSubject: Re: Information on Illya   

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Information on Illya
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