A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Azrah Rhaven

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Azrah Rhaven


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PostSubject: Azrah Rhaven   Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:30 am

Name: Azrah(Azzy) Rhaven

Age: 217 appears to be about 17/18

Race: Mixed (black and white)

Sub-Race: Vampire

Sub-Type: Modern Vampire

Faction: Rogue

Strengths: Intelligent, Manipulative, Sneaky, Strength and Speed.

Flaws & Weaknesses: Protective, Slight temper, Sarcasm, Men

Bio: Dear Diary,

I believe this will be the last time I will write. I am leaving this damned town. If I began to tell some one they would think I've lost my damned mind. Damned mind.. I couldn't have said it better. My mind is becoming tainted with thoughts, my body's impulsing me to kill, my tongue wants to feel the sweet, metallic, nectar, from a human's neck. I killed someone. No, not someone. A neighbor. I can tell you.. right? Of course.. You can't talk. Maybe I am losing my mind! What is happening?
I can't remember exactly what had happened.. I can try to sum it up though. Two nights ago, I remember walking from Aydan's house, down the back alley. She lives about 3 blocks away. Not far. Not thinking anything of it, we live in a pretty safe town, at least.. that is what I used to think. I remember seeing a dark figure.. Sort of tall, slender, and proper. A hint of light revealed a small portion of his face, blue eyes, bright, brilliant, blue eyes.. they were the most beautiful shade of blue. Those eyes.. His skin was a few shades lighter than a caucasian. His hair wasn't long, it was a dark brown though. I was intrigued, courious, amazed by those stunnign blue eyes. I wanted to get closer. I kept walking towards him. His voice. His voice was deep and soothing, almost hypnotizing. You know? You don't. I remember staring at him. His smile.. His smile it was perfect. I stood infront of him, he didn't look older than 25. He was handsome, his hand caressed my face. He leaned toward me, his warm breath on my neck. Oh, the shivers that spread through my body like poision. Poision.. that's it.. that's what it felt like. Posion, fire, pain, surging through my veins. I didn't want to scream, I wasn't scared. I didn't want to be scared. Oh, the pleasure.. Until I woke up a day later. My body trembled like a withdrawling-addict. It was dark again, I didn't know how long I slept. Nobody found me? I looked around, maybe it was a dream, I had thought to myself. I'm stupid. Why would I be in an alley then? I started walking, I ran my fingers across my neck, I didn't feel anything. Maybe, I passed out.
I remember walking past a tavern, a sweet smell hit me. Food. I walked in undetected as everyone's attention was on a bar-fight. I inhaled the smell of food. It wasn't the same smell I had smelled outside. I walked back outside and stumbled as I was walking. I heard a deep voice yell "And stay out!" as another man was being thrown outside. The smell got caught in my nose again. I cocked my head. I turned around and walked up to him. "Are you all right, Sir?" He nodded. He wasn't the cutest, but he wasn't Earth's scum either. I lent him a helping hand and he stood. I bit my lower lip, "Would you like to come back to my place? I'd be happy to help you get put back together" I smiled and looked at him with innocent eyes. He didn't catch what I was throwing down. He just nodded. I led him to the alley 'on the way to my house'. I pushed him into a building wall, playfully. He pushed me, aggressively on to the other side. "Get back! You Harlot!" I looked at him for less than a second before I realized there was a body infront of me, drained almost to the brink of death. Death never tasted so sweet. Now, do you see why I must leave?

Infinity, Azrah.

Appearance: Azrah measures at a good 5'9 and 160 pounds with an athletic build. Her body is tainted with a porcelin light caramel color, with luminious gray eyes, her hair is a jet black. She wears 'typical' teenage clothing: Skinny jeans, DC's, and a cute top/band t-shirt and sometimes more dressy clothes. Azrah appears to be a bubbly person, she will talk to any one, she typically uses her looks to manipulate her 'prey' or her blood source. She looks like a good girl, but never judge a book by it's cover.

Integrity. Love. Unity.
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Azrah Rhaven
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