A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Marcus Lyrus

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PostSubject: Marcus Lyrus   Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:17 pm

Name: Marcus Lyrus
Age: 307 (Appears 26)

Race: Caucasion
Sub-Race: Werewolf
Sub-Type: Cursed

Faction: Rogue
Strengths: Keen Eyesight, Unnaturally Fast (Even for a Werewolf), Versed in Numerous Styles of Hand to Hand Combat
Flaws & Weaknesses: Mentally and Emotionally Crippled, Lustful, Fuelled by Vengeance

He's gone.
I'll find him, and any left like him. I wonder what it's like, being human, not aware of the monsters that lurk in the shadows, safe and content with your own life. Our people are dying, as are his, but the humans, whom we hunt, are as far from endangered as can be.
I wonder what it's like... Living without regret.

Appearance: At a rough 5'8", Marcus has a broad, muscular build to atone for his somewhat mediocre strength. He has dark tanned skin, with a thick head of hair styled gently and expertly. Like his hair, Marcus goes for the best of the best, and often wears designer clothing and scents, despite his own combat oriented lifestyle. His dark eyes and smooth jawline and brow give him a somewhat 'French model' kind of look, and on at least one occasion in his life he was mistaken for a female, even if only briefly.
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Marcus Lyrus
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