A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Francis Elias

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PostSubject: Francis Elias   Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:01 am

Name: Francis Elias
Age: 49

Race: Caucasion
Sub-Race: N/A
Sub-Type: N/A

Faction: Rogue
Strengths: Precision Marksmen, Skilled Stealth Tactics, Elite Hit and Run Manoeuvres, Fleet of Foot, Extreme Physical Strength
Flaws & Weaknesses: Mentally and Emotionally Crippled, Alcoholic, Recovering Drug Addict, Untrusting

"I don't have a story you stupid Nightbane shits." Francis got off of his seat and made for the door before feeling a fist hammer his bulging muscular stomach. He looked won at the man and glared. "Fine, you want my story, you arrogant piece o' crap? I wont divulge where I was born coz I know you know that already. I became a hunter when my father taught me how to put a bullet in a Mutts brain and a steak through a Zombies heart. I don't ever intend on joining the Nightbane or any other extravagant 'organised' system; I get my work done without all your fancy bullshit. My fiance and daughter are both resting at home, and I've gotte go get to 'em, so unless the two of you wanna join my little ongoing hitlist, I'd suggest you step aside."
The two Nightbane obliged and stepped away pleasantly, watching the bitter old man leave before them. "He's an ex-cop, right?" The female nodded, smiling. "Don't worry. He'll be dead before this is over anyway."

Appearance: Standing about 6'4", with a very slight hunch, it'd be hard for someone to tell that Francis was nearing 50 years without asking. He has tan, slightly wrinkled skin, with a definite crease on his brow. His thick black head of hair has only just started to recess, and his brilliant physique only helps to discern his age. He has one brilliant amber eye, and another pure white, from which he can only barely see out of, a fine scar resting over that eye from an old fight. He is missing one tooth on his bottom jaw, which in itself is very strong and pronounced. He often wears a thick brown jacket with fur lined collar, over a button up checkered top and loose jeans held up with an old leather belt. He wears thick work boots, with notable stains of blood on the base.
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Francis Elias
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