A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Lady Laveau

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PostSubject: Lady Laveau   Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:58 pm

Name: Lady Laveau

Age: 85 (looks 26)

Race: African American

Sub-Race: Black Witch

Faction: (loner)

Strengths: torturing and killing

Flaws & Weaknesses: The Magic Of Friendship

Bio: (Blood splattered newspaper) (Ad) Come all and see the beautiful and powerfully Lady Laveau as she performs the dark arts of Voodoo! Have your fortune read, or place a curse on your enemies. Anything is possible at the right price... (Main story) In past weeks a numerous amount of bodies have been found outside of New Orleans in the bayou. The victims appear to have been brutally tortured and left to die in the swamps. The chief of police says the NOPD is working on this case and others that have been sprouting up around New Orleans.

Appearance: Tall and skinny with dark skin and still has appearance of youth. She usually keeps her hair in curls that go down her shoulders and wears a blood red feather. She has a Cajun ascent and blood red eyes.

$5 dollar footjob, and $10 per hour

I play the cello
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Lady Laveau
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