A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Jason Monroe

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PostSubject: Jason Monroe   Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:50 am

Name: Jason Monroe

Age: 20

Race: Caucasian

Sub-Race: N/A

Sub-Type: N/A

Faction: Nightbane

Strengths:Long and Short range combat. Hand to hand, bladed weapons.

Flaws & Weaknesses: Ruthless, Willing to let others die in order to kill his target.

Bio: Born right into the Nightbane, he's been brought up on a life of nothing but hate for supernaturals. His father was once a Nightbane commander, but was assassinated by a Werewolf pack while Jason was still young, leaving him in the care of the Nightbane. He grew up training with other children, all to become a 'Special Agent', the Nightbane's attack dogs.
He killed his first supernatural at 18, which is a feat in itself, using his silver-lined sword to kill it.

Appearance: Middle length Black hair, Ice blue eyes. Pale skin.

Clothes and Sword:

Gear: Browning Hi Power Pistol - Loaded with Silver bullets.
Sword (See Picture) Usually hidden in a backpack.

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Jason Monroe
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