A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Alodie Miller

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PostSubject: Alodie Miller   Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:04 am

Name: Alodie 'Alex' (Lazy friends, to say the least.) Miller

Age: 20

Race: Caucasian

Sub-Race: Vampire (as of 30 minutes ago)

Sub-Type: Modern Vampire

Faction: Rogue

Strengths: Sex (As suggested by Ethan), has about half an hour training with Pistols, good climber.

Flaws & Weaknesses: Really Strong Thirst For Feeding (as recently bit, will last for quite a while), Shy, Struggles to understand this new view on life, almost seems to 'fight herself'.

Bio: As I lie here, in what I would call, an odd situation, or one which I'd never wish to be in again, or wish upon another person. But how did I get to here, to right here, right now? I was walking home. The sun was setting. Not unusual, what I usually did. Next thing I know, a terrible pain in my neck, and then darkness. I'm in some sort of darkness. Not being able to move. I don't know why I am here. Even where I am. Maybe I'm dead, and that wouldn't seem so bad if what I wake up to turns out to be something terrible? Maybe it wont be, and I'll wake up fine, and go back to my normal quiet life, of well, being normal. Sleeping, eating, shopping, doing normal things. I guess I will, or maybe I won't. - Alex's thoughts on the 'in-between'.

Appearance: Pale Blonde Hair that goes just past her shoulders, Bright Orange Eyes, Sightlier Paler than usual Skin. No notable scars ect.

Notes: Sexually Curious.
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Alodie Miller
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