A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Claire Wakefield

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PostSubject: Claire Wakefield   Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:16 am

Name: Claire Wakefield

Age: 156 (Appears 22 )

Race: Caucasion

Sub-Race: Vampire

Sub-Type: Modern Vampire

Faction: Silver Hand (Extemist Vampire Cult against Werewolves)

Strengths: Quick Attacks, Blending in, persuading, seducing.

Flaws & Weaknesses: Doesn't enjoy hurting or killing humans, but will.

Bio: Lady Claire 'Phoebe' Wakefield was born a Southern Belle from Louisiana. Her family owned a large plantation and were 'Old Money Bluebloods', who attended all kinds of parties and social gatherings. Clair was the image of southern beauty and quickly became very popular in the higher society. This changed when her father was murdered by werewolves and her mother soon died of depression, she joined a extremist group of vampires who hunted werewolves. She spent most of time gaining control of New Orleans, one of the most notorious cities in its day for Witches, Vampires and Werewolves.

Appearance: Tall, elegant, and gracefull. Blond curled hair going lower than the shoulders. The picture of a ideal Southern Belle, but modern.

$5 dollar footjob, and $10 per hour

I play the cello
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Claire Wakefield
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