A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Ayashe (Sane)

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PostSubject: Ayashe (Sane)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:29 am

Name: Ayashe (‘little one’)
Age: 17
Race: Caucasian
Race: Werewolf
Sub-Type: Sane Werewolf
Faction: Nanigansek Tribe (descendants of Malsum the Wolf God)

Strengths: Highly talented tracker, explorer, fiercely loyal, excellent sense of smell.
Flaws & Weaknesses: Human interaction, naïve, easily aggravated, silver, The Nightbane.

Bio: Ayashe was Born and raised in the mountainous region of The Alaskan Range with her Tribe (Nanigansek) led by their leader Glooscap . The Tribe remained isolated from human interaction in order to practice the most ancient traditions of their people and live as wolves. However over the last few years a group of Nightbane marauders have waged war with the Nanigansek tribe attempting to wipe them out. In response the Tribe has moved deeper into the mountains becoming even harder to reach but more desperate for game in the process. Subsequently the Tribe has considerable grown smaller and weaker.

Ayashe was considered to be one of the finest hunters of the Tribe known well for her pronounced tracking skills. She was picked by Glooscap to leave the tribe and find a descendant Fenrisúlfr’s or another lycanthrope infected with his blood in order to perform an ancient ritual. Ayashe agreed and is determined to committing her life to completing the mission. This is the first time she would have left the range and interacted with people in her human form.

Tribal Creed: The Tribe and its people strongly believe in tradition and legends. They have a strong infamy towards Vampires and often refer to them as ‘Leeches’. Most of the Tribe spent their entire life in Wolf form believing that the Human body is a curse bestowed upon them by the Mai-cob (‘Witches hidden in wolf dress’).

Wolf Appearance: Ayashe’s coat is a seamless blanket of pure white only broken by her dark Amber eyes. She’s relatively smaller than some of the other Tribe members due to her age nonetheless her bite is still ferocious as is her grin.

Human Appearance: Due to Ayashe’s lack of knowledge when it comes to human grooming or manners she is often mistaken for a bum. She smells of blood and is often covered in dirt never washing. Her hair is a matted brown untamed mess which was crudely cut into an untidy bob. The only feature recognisable from her appearance as a wolf is her Amber eyes.
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Ayashe (Sane)
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