A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Max Walker & Ari

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Jeremy Hunter


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PostSubject: Max Walker & Ari   Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:14 pm

Name: Max Walker
Age: 28
Race: Caucasion
Faction: Nightbane

Strengths: Excels at short-range combat; is the Yin to Dawn's yang.
Flaws & Weaknesses: Blames himself for Tria's turning into a Werewolf; lives in fear of her discovery and murder. Is weak at ranged combat.
Bio: Born in Texas, Max joined the Nightbane after a string of murders in town led him, out of curiosity, into a Vampire's cave. He was saved by a Nightbane who became his inspiration and his idol.

Max was the first of the Walker family to become a Nightbane. Training under some of the most infamous instructors, a lot of burden was put on his class. But they all became great. Each of them worthy of the name Nightbane.

Max, he became a Unit Commander, and thankfully was assigned his sister Dawn when she joined up.

Both Max and Dawn hold a deep, dark secret: Tria Walker, the only Walker left, was a Werewolf. A sane one...but still of the moon.
The two guard this secret carefully.
And with their lives.

Sword - main weapon, twin of his sister's.
Knives - a lot, backups.
Grenades - Because fuck it, sometimes, swords just don't cut it.

Minus the blue fire ofc.
Max also wears a black T-shirt like his younger sister.

Black 1977 Camaro SS

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Jeremy Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Max Walker & Ari   Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:43 pm

Name: Ari
Age: 626. Appears late 30s due to the lateness of his bite.
Race: (Caucasian
Sub-Race: Werewolf
Sub-Type: Sane
Faction: Shadow Claws
Strengths: Leading, peacekeeping.
Flaws & Weaknesses: Is too attached to his pack; can sometimes refuse to lead action that can cause casualties or risk their safety.
Bio: Ari moves with the times. He was always a loner, always alone. While lycanthropy was a curse for some, for him, it was a new life. Containing the beast, Ari began to gain power in a pack, taking over what was originally known as the Night Thieves. He fought his way to the top, a long, bloody battle that left many dead. it took months...but he did it.

He kept the Shadow Claws, as he renamed them, out of most problems; he used a cool head and diplomacy with other packs, avoiding territories and seeking alliances. While some disputed, his tactics kept the Shadow Claws safe and in good situations.

His past with Max Walker was simple.
Max saved him from an assassination attempt by another Werewolf, the same who's mate would then bite Tria. This debt was repaid by Ari, who took Tria in as his own.

The pack's domain is around Washington, D.C.

Ari's Lieutenants are Tria, despite her age - the girl has distinguished herself to him, and he trusts her judgement, despite older pack members voicing disproval. His other Lieutenant is Veni Greenla, a Werewol barely older then him. She is an experienced member, and one Ari sees as essential to the Pack's survival.

Human Form
Wolf form
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Max Walker & Ari
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