A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Aiden O'neill

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PostSubject: Aiden O'neill   Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:22 am

Name: Aiden O'neill
Age: 29
Race: African American/Irish
Faction: NYPD
Strengths: Good shot, (I'll add more later... Maybe.)
Flaw and weaknesses: Hot headed. (I'll add more later... Maybe.)

Bio: Aiden always wanted to be in law enforcement as a child, like a lot of kids did, but he actually made it happen. He went through the training to be a cop, then later a New York Detective. He was the best shot in his class, and was suggested for a SWAT team, but he declined. He grew up in Cleveland, but his parents moved to New York because his father had a job opportunity. Aiden's father died back when he was twenty-five, and has had to help support his mother in the way of living expenses. But she did start working at a deli a year or so after the death of her husband. For the past two months Aiden has been investigating strange murders, where the victims have had their bodies ripped to shreds, usually the neck area more then any other. Another strange thing is that there is never any type of evidence at the scenes of the crime, no sign of struggle, just a massacred body. Aiden's superiors say that it's just some animal, like a wild dog or something. But he doesn't think that's it, he thinks that it's some kind of twisted freak mutilating corpses. He is currently living in an apartment building.

Appearance: Aiden stands pretty tall at 6'2" and weighs around 180 pounds. He is muscular, and usually wears a short black leather trench coat, along with gray cargo pants, and a T-shirt, sometimes with something on it.
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Aiden O'neill
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