A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Sorin Yakov

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PostSubject: Sorin Yakov   Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:32 am

Name: Sorin Yakov

Age: 572

Race: Caucasian

Sub-Race: Vampire

Sub-Type: Primal Vampire

Faction: Whicheveroneincludesthemindlesskilling

Strengths: The Mindless killing and devouring of Humans for a food source. In a sense, ‘tanking’ any form of damage.

Flaws & Weaknesses: Tactics. Attempting any form of trying not to rip the face off of a Human, or well in Primal Form. While in Primal form he has the habbit of ignoring any wounds suffered, which can usually…. Be a pretty bad thing.

Bio: Date Entry: Smudged
Today, today. Today was one of my most [Smudged]. The [smudged]. It has been some time [smudged] last [smudged]. I believe this is a start of a [smudged].

Date Entry: Smudged
It has been a while… Counting not the last feed… I believe I shall have to attempt [smudged]. Draining this village will be of no use. To carry on would mean [smudged]. I wonder how [smudged].

Date Entry: 21 [smudged]
Three humans came across a cave I have been recently using to hide from the Humans, while my [smudged]. I shall… Have to attempt to spread out the feeding… Hopefully I shall recover soon enough.

Date Entry: 13 [smudged] 1745
I have recently come across a Human dispute. Due to my discovery in my… ‘Form’, I can spend the majority of time within my the Human camp. They seem uncertain about my presence. I shall attempt to wither their numbers, or if I can remember to in Primal form, at least.

Date Entry: [Smudged], but compared to the others, the writing looks not as faded, or smudged.
Humans are advancing. The ‘Modern’ vampires think they can survive, for as long as they can. But soon not even their tactics will be able to outwit the Humans. Hopefully, I will come across a lesser armed… Human ‘Settlement’.

Appearance: Looking around the age of 28, he has ‘medium-long’ hair, at a white-ish tint of colour. He stands at an average height, as an average weight, but in a good physical form of 452 years of age. Under what is considered ‘Common Human Clothing’, or not that of a 1800 period of clothing, he still wears a light form of armour. Old habits die hard.
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Sorin Yakov
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