A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Important Info in regards to Character Creation

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PostSubject: Important Info in regards to Character Creation   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:09 am

Werewolf info
There are two kinds of Werewolf, The Sane and the Cursed.
The Sane: These are Werewolves who managed to suppress the beast (As most call it) They are mostly in control of themselves. The Full Moon makes them more powerful, but it also lowers the amount of control they have over their beast form, This will affect them for 2-3 days before and after a full moon.
The Cursed: Werewolves who couldn't suppress the beast at birth (of the Werewolf) and become the monsters most humans hear about. There is a possibility of them changing every night, or just on the full moon, depoending how powerful the beast is. They are considered scum by most of The Sane, and are regularly killed by Sane Werewolf Hunting packs.

Werewolves do not age due to the constant reconstuction of its genetics, which will "Save" at roughly 20- 32 years old. If a Sane Werewolf wishes to live a human life, they do not change into their beast form. The Cursed have little choice.
Werewolves look just like ordinary wolves, but with the eye colour of their human form and much, much larger. (Usually around the size they were as a human, from head to ground)

Vampire Information
"Modern": Genetic Mutants of the Primals, made sometime in the first century A.D by ancient witches attempting to make an un-killable guardian, the witches were massacred, but their work lived on. They are immune to sunlight, are extremely fast, strong and agile. The only ways to kill them are: Burning, Decapatation or by a Werewolfs claws and teeth. They are only slightly paler than a human, and must have a daily dose of blood or they will die. They will either hunt as a pack or work alone, robbing blood banks or taking lone humans.
Primals: The monsters that plague nightmares. Primal Vampires are faster, stronger and more agile than Modern Vampires. They are killed in the same ways but do not kill the same. A Primal doesn't just bite into the jugular vein or rob a blood bank, they tear their victims necks open and drain them completely, or simply rip them apart. During the day, they are human, come night, they lose all of their skin, revealing its true form, huge and pale. They will feed every night if possible, but can go for up to 2 weeks without blood. Even the best Werewolf Packs and Vampire Covens take pause when coming across one of these monsters.

The Nightbane
Most think the Nightbane are human, looking to protect themselves from the monsters that stalk Nightfall. Others say they were once human, but not anymore. But some think they may be the remnant of the Solar Order, hunting any who serve the moon.
Not much else is known about them, as if they are captured, they kill themselves without hesitation.


Black Witches are considered evil as they will torture an animal or a person to fuel the magic.
A White Witch, is likely to do it from natural suffering, or by causing themselves the pain.

Magic slows aging, as it effectively drains the life from a victim, which is the only reason it may exist as it takes many years to train it.

Witches are rarely seen by any group, but are always near a kill, due to the sheer brutality the 3 Factions show each other.

They may work with the groups for... mutual benefits.
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Important Info in regards to Character Creation
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