A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 The Wizard Aije

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PostSubject: The Wizard Aije   Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:57 am

Name: Aije (It is unknown if he was born with this name)
Age: 1796 ((Appears 60-ish))
Race: Native American
Sub-Race: Lycanthrope
-----Sub-Type: Sane
Faction: Rogue / Wizard
Strengths: Magic
Flaws & Weaknesses: Not very strong or fast in Human form.
Bio: Born in Nova Scotia in the year 216 AD to a werewolf mother and father. Aije was taught by his father, a medicine man, the ways of magic. He started his study when he was 13, but did not become any kind of master untill he was nearly 100. His father was slain by a bear in the year 299, and his mother by a raider from another tribe in 301. He has spent most of his life trying to perfect his magical skills, which he has still yet to do. When the Whites first came to America, he moved to Massachusetts, where he lived untill 1612. He then set out to explore the continent, living as a nomadic mage for the rest of his days. He always preferred to use violence as a very last resort, and to use his magic sparingly and discreetly.



Hair one blackish-brown, now graying. Blue eyes. Full moustache and beard. Wears a brown longcoat with a white canvass shirt and gray pants beneath it. Also wears black boots, a black neckband, and a piece of black cloth around his head which covers one eye, which he uses to retain night vision in one eye at any time.

Carries with him three magical implements: A book, which he carries in a satchel and is used for rituals (Hexes). A seemingly Silver ring, used for hand-casting. And a Staff of Birch Wood, used for the big stuff.


White fur, Blue eyes.

Name: 'Riggy'
Age: 512 ((Appears 30-ish))
Race: French
Sub-Race: Vampire
Faction: N/A
Strengths: Stealth, murder
Flaws & Weaknesses: Batshit insane
Bio: Born in Paris, France, the one who calls himself Riggy began his life as a beggar. He was taken up by a band of traveling Gypsies, however, and he wandered with them for many years, becoming a street performer and earning an honest living. When he was around 32, he was bitten by a Vampire, and within days had turned himself. At first, he didnt know of his affliction, thinking it to be some sort of common illness. In the long period of time he was not feeding, he was having gruesome nightmares which scarred him mentally for life. Eventually though, he got the idea, and began hunting the streets of Paris at night. He became an expert with a knife, and was soon one of the most feared people in Paris, even if nobody knew his name or face. In his late 40s, it was requested of him by the gypsy band he traveled with that he turn each of them into Vampires as well. Being so obviously out of his gourd, he obliged, and the group stuck together for nearly two centuries, during which time a majority of them would learn very basic magic and make their way all over Europe. In the 1800's, they landed in England, where they first encountered the Nightbane. Riggy was the only one to survive, and he only did so by stowing away on a ship bound for America. He resides in the very city he landed in to this day, living in the abandoned Subways beneath the hustle and bustle of New York...


White-gray hair and blue eyes, big smile and high voice. His clothes look like he probably bought them in the Renaissance. Red jester's cap and white cloak, black tunic, maroon pants, and brown gloves.

Name: Masgwi ((Goes by the name of White))
Age: 107 ((Appears 20-ish))
Race: Native American
Sub-Race: Lycanthrope
-----Sub-Type: Sane
Faction: Rogue
Strengths: Strength, Agility, Viciousness
Flaws & Weaknesses: His unshakable loyalty means that he will follow his friends to the extremes of morality and action.
Bio: Born in Maine, Masgwi lived a relatively normal life with his family. Having been born with the curse of Lycanthropy, he was kept a secret from the world outside until he was old enough to fully contain the beast within him. He learned everything he needed to survive on his own from his parents, and has learned many things in his travels as well. He has no ultimate goal in life, but whatever happens, he will follow his companions to the ends of the earth.




White fur, Blue eyes, roughly the size of a normal wolf.

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The Wizard Aije
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