A Modern Day Werewolf/Vampire role play (NOT TWILIGHT)
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 Nikolai Stone

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PostSubject: Nikolai Stone   Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:49 am

When I say strengths, I really mean things he learns more quickly than others. Also, some of the Strengths can actually be dually a weakness, or flaw.

Name: Nikolai Stone
Age: 20 appears 27
Sub-Race: werewolf
Sub-Type: Sane Werewolf
Faction: Rogue, uncertain
Strengths: Anatomy and physiology. He's a pistoleer. Favouring the Colt .45. He knows his biology. He's very analytical. He's faster and more agile than most of the Sane, however he's not very strong. He retains most of his analytical nature in his beast form. He spends most of his time studying biology, further increasing his ability. He's a skilled martial artist, well, a skilled beginner.

Flaws & Weaknesses: He's not as physically strong as most other werewolves. He won't complement people, he'll simply say good job, or good. He's not the most friendly person towards humans, he's much nicer to animals. He will fall for just about any trap laid in his path. he's also very lightweight, so he can be picked up easily.
Was given a choice to become a vampire or die. He chose to die, but was rescued by a Nightbane who had turned werewolf who had been hunting the vampire that had captured Nikolai. In the process of the werewolf, Cael, killing the vampire, Nikolai was injured. He was asked if he wanted to be a werewolf, or if he was interested in hunting the creatures of the night. Nikolai was shocked, and did not answer him the first night.
The thought of accepting the proposition drove Nikolai to obsession, and eventually decided on what he would do. He would accept Caels' offer, and become a werewolf. But, not wanting to leave his studies behind, he wouldl stay at the university. Cael would train him on nights before and during the full moon.

Human: 5'11", pale, irish blue eyes, buzzed dark blonde hair, skinny, below average weight. gaunt. facial hair is scruffy, and dark. He has toned muscle, you can see them defined when he moves.

Wolf: Gray/Grey maned, white paw fur, still has those irish blue irises, not as big as most werewolves, but not the smallest. tail is average length. taller than most werewolves but thinner and less muscular (in terms of strength not endurance or speed)

-new character-

A Vampire
Name: Neculai Miurabel
Age: 567* appears: 32
*What he remembers
Race: White
Sub Race: Vampire
Sub-Type: Primal
Faction: Rogue
Strengths: Physical combat and hunting prey. He was a doctor before he was bitten, and he's kept up with the increasing knowledge in the field. He's Strong, mentally and physically. He's extremely cunning and devious. Tricking his prey into submission to feed upon them.
Flaws & Weaknesses: He's very arrogant and stands out against the crowd. He's also not the most comfortable person to be around.
Bio: Was a doctor before the Dark Ages, he knew quite a bit before the Church went around burning things that were 'unholy'. He still has a few relics from the era of humanity.

2400 B.C. (as translated by Neculai, for future convenience)

"I traveled by road to the establishment of my birth. I met a traveler on the road there, he seemed awfully pale, it was as if he had never been exposed to the sunlight. He bit me on the (neck) and I had to throw him off of me. He began to weep when he slowly lifted himself up. I was confused by this. I asked him why he attacked me and bit my neck. He spoke some foreign tongue** and ran off into the night. After some time, I felt my body changing."

"I have discovered the language that the man who infected me with vampirism spoke. It was, and is still, and ancient vampiric language of an origin that I have almost found. From scripts that I've found, it appears that the first mortals to be given Vampirism were apart of a cult of some god or goddess. Some solitary vampires I've spoken with seem to think it falls on the god Anubis, but I don't think they are right. My studies have led me to believe that it was some god or goddess of a greater age."

"I forgot how long I've been a live today. Perhaps I was doomed to forget it. I will always remember that fateful day, when I was given the gift of vampirism. The romans would have put up quite a racket had they survived to this day, and found out how vampirism blessed this orb."

"Today was a fantastic day, I met another Primal, we got along smashingly. I killed him and drank his blood. He didn't even see it coming. This one had just eaten as well, he was full of fresh blood. I will be well fed for quite sometime. some of these vampires just don't know a trap when they enter one. He should have known from the moment he entered this place that I would kill him. The signs were all quite prevalent. This one was a priest as well.


"Cursed Nightbanes! Spoiled one of my hunting trips, I'll have to avoid that village for a while, until I can rid them of that Nightbane. Perhaps I should return to my castle in the mountains and wait him out. or perhaps I could persuade him to gather his nightbane friends to gather in one spot and not be such a nuisance whilst I hunt. That could do. I will have to try this approach. Or feed on the nightbane. I like the latter much better..."

Human: 5'7", german blue eyes, brown hair, clean shaven, gaunt, muscular, imposing.
Vampire: 7'8", black sclera on blue irises, hair is unchanged, muscular, longer fingers, muscular, slightly pointed ears. Pupils are now slits, for better night vision.

-new character-

Name: Nick No-name Numerator Numbing-Agent Stone
Age: 20/25
Race: Caucasian
Faction: Vampire Hunter
Strengths: Killing Vampires, Wielding one handed weapons, dual-wielding handguns, dual-wielding one-handed weapons, making people realize that his name isn't really his name because he technically doesn't have name.
Evading in combat, running, shotguns, things related to vampire killing. If you don't get the picture go watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer or whatever.

Flaws & Weaknesses:
Bio: eh, can't be asked right now

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Nikolai Stone
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